Pelosi is ‘marrying up the facts and the law’: Ex-prosecutor says ‘bribery’ is a critical indictment of Trump
Composite image of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump (screengrab)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was masterful in using the word "bribery" to describe President Donald Trump's actions with Ukraine that are at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, according to a former federal prosecutor.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams interviewed former Assistant U.S. Attorney Berit Berger on Thursday evening's "The Last Word."

Please expand for us on why it is significant and why is it important to label this bribery," Williams said.

"So I think Nancy Pelosi was very specific in calling this bribery for two reasons," Berger replied.

"The first is that -- unlike quid pro quo -- ribery is something that most people understand, especially people who have children," she said, with a chuckle. "We all sort of have a general understanding of that."

"But the second reason is that this is one of the delineated things in the Constitution that’s a basis for impeachment," she explained. "Along with treason, along with high crimes and misdemeanors, bribery is specifically identified."

Much like other prosecutors, what she’s doing here is really marrying up the facts and the law," Berger said.