‘Read the transcript’ T-shirt defense by Trump campaign brutally fact-checked by MSNBC’s Brian Williams
Composite image of a Trump supporter wearing a “read the transcript” T-shirt and MSNBC’s Brian Williams (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams offered a harsh fact check of President Donald Trump's latest defense.

"Read the transcript," is the president's latest mantra.

Trump supporters wore T-shirts with the same message at a Monday night campaign rally in Lexington, Kentucky.

"It was impossible to miss the T-shirts saying 'read the transcript' -- except that we can’t," he noted.

"As the president knows, it was never released, just this summary. What we know is not the exact wording that the president used when speaking on the telephone with the president of Ukraine," he explained.

"We would love to, and that much is fact," Williams added.