RNC blew nearly $100,000 to help put Trump Jr's book on the bestseller list
First son Donald Trump, Jr. (screengrab)

A new Federal Elections Commission filing unearthed by New York Times reporter Nick Confessore shows that the Republican National Committee blew nearly $100,000 to help promote Donald Trump Jr.'s book "Triggered."

According to the filing, the RNC made a $94,800 payment to bookseller Books-a-Million on October 29th this year, which was just days before Trump Jr.'s "Triggered" was released on November 5th.

An RNC spokesman confirmed to Confessore that "the expenditure was connected to their promotion of Don Trump Jr.'s book."

The RNC had previously claimed that it didn't make a bulk purchase but had only been "ordering copies to keep up with demand" of the book. When asked by Confessore how they could claim they weren't making bulk purchases when they bought roughly $100,000 worth of books, the RNC simply replied, "We stand by our statement."

In summation, Confessore calls the whole episode "a win-win for the Trumps and the RNC" as the "party raised about $500,000 off of the promotion, owing to donor interest in 'Triggered.'"

Read the whole tweet storm below.