Soledad O'Brien scorches media for failures covering Trump: 'Quoting lies is a bad strategy!'
Soledad O'Brien appears on CNN (screen grab)

Former CNN host Soledad O'Brien this week gave a scorching rebuke to what she says have been failures by the media in covering President Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, O'Brien argues that the American press simply isn't equipped to handle Trump's rampant and record-breaking dishonesty.

"What drives me more nutty than the president -- who I think is obviously a terrible human being in a lot of ways -- is the way in which the media does not know how to handle him,” she said. “Quoting people who are saying lies is a really bad strategy. When President Trump says the moon is made of cheese, well, it’s not."

She also takes reporters to task for writing puff pieces about certain administration officials as a way of maintaining their access to the White House.

"Every so often, someone writes a story about Ivanka that sounds like it’s been written by Ivanka," she said. "And you can tell that this is the access piece, so you can get that little drip, drip, drip that she’s giving."

Additionally, O'Brien hammers the press for being unwilling to call out the president's racist rhetoric.

"This sh*t is just racist," she said. "And I’m disappointed when journalists have a really hard time in just saying, 'This thing is a lie, this thing is racist, this thing is bigoted, this thing is misogynistic.' It’s not super-complicated."

Read the whole interview here.