‘Tense’ White House meeting abruptly ended after Trump fumed at Georgia’s GOP governor over state’s Senate seat
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (Official Photo).

A meeting between President Donald Trump and Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp quickly ended after the two men got into a dispute over who should be appointed to the state's Senate seat.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump and Kemp met in person on Sunday and then had a followup phone conversation on Monday, but so far have been unable to iron out their differences.

"Mr. Trump has preferred Rep. Doug Collins, a Republican who has vocally defended the president during the impeachment process, and he told Mr. Kemp that he would be taking a risk by appointing the politically untested [Atlanta businesswoman Kelly] Loeffler," the publication writes. "At one point Mr. Trump questioned why they were holding the meeting if Mr. Kemp had made his decision."

However, even some Republicans have warned that Collins may not be the best pick for a state that is increasingly trending purple -- and where Kemp won the governor's race in 2018 by fewer than two percentage points.

"Other conservatives point out that the appointee must seek re-election next November, and Mr. Collins, a conservative white male from the most Republican district in Georgia, according to the Cook Political Report, may hold less appeal in a state where the minority population is growing and both Democrats and Republicans expect a tough fight in 2020," the Journal reports.