'The evidence is piling up faster than their excuses': Dem adviser says House has enough on Trump without Bolton testifying
Philippe Reines/MSNBC screenshot

On MSNBC's "Up," former Clinton adviser Philippe Reines walked through how Republicans might treat the testimony of former National Security Adviser John Bolton if he speaks to the impeachment investigators — and how it might not matter.

"One of the big problems the White House having is that they're trying to sully people who are wearing uniforms, who are career public officials, who, I mean look at their faces when they walk into the hearings. I mean it's the last place they want to be," said Reines. "They might feel a lot more comfortable with John Bolton no matter how critical he is. And it's going to be sour grapes. He's upset. And the Republicans are going to feel, you know, John Bolton, he's just upset he didn't get his way. He's upset he didn't get a war Iran and he's upset he was fired. John Bolton won't be part of the resistance. He may have said, yes, this is a drug deal. You've been after him for two years. So he's a wild card."

"I think it could be good to know what he knows, and perfect example of why you have private hearings — so they can go on longer and be more thoughtful so there is no grandstanding," continued Reines. "Look, if he says no, if he refuses, the evidence is piling up faster than their excuses."

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