‘The worst day of the presidency so far for Donald Trump’: Advisor to four presidents
David Gergen appears on CNN (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump has not had a worse day in office than he suffered on Friday, according to a top former White House advisor.

David Gergen served in the administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He was interviewed Friday night by CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"If you are looking to throw somebody under the bus, Gordon Sondland would probably be a prime candidate to be next in line to be thrown under the bus," Cooper said.

"I think the president will wait patiently to see what he says and then decide," Gergen replied.

He then offered his analysis of the situation.

"This has to be the worst day of the presidency so far for Donald Trump," Gergen declared.

"You think so?" Cooper asked.

"The worst day," Gergen replied.