Tomi Lahren furious students treated Melania Trump the way she treats Michelle Obama
Tomi Lahren (Fox Nation/screen grab)

Tomi Lahren is furious students disrespectfully voiced their disapproval of First Lady Melania Trump – despite having solid reasons to do so – while she has spent years disrespectfully attacking First Lady Michelle Obama.

Lahren is once again peddling her unique brand of trumped-up outrage served with a side of lack of self awareness. The Fox News conservative commentator blasted students who attended a Tuesday youth summit in Baltimore focused on raising awareness of opioid abuse.

First Lady Melania Trump was a guest speaker. As she was introduced and walked onto the stage waving her hand, students offered up a chorus of loud boos.

Lahren was furious, as Media Matters noted.

"This is an epidemic in this country, not just of people not liking anyone with the last name of Trump, but just with young people being completely disrespectful," Lahren fumed on Wednesday's "Fox & Friends."

"Can you imagine if this were Michelle Obama, or can you imagine if Melania Trump was a Democrat or married to a Democratic president?" she asked.

"She is an immigrant and she is a woman. The first thing she would say if an immigrant woman was booed on stage is that is racist, that is sexist, that is anti-immigrant, that is bigotry, that is intolerance. Because it's Melania Trump, people feel as though they get a pass. And it's absolutely wrong, it's despicable. Young people need to learn a lesson in this country, you just respect people."

"Tt's absolutely wrong, it's despicable. Young people need to learn a lesson in this country, you just respect people."

Tomi knows a great deal about respecting First Ladies – when their name is Trump. Ironically, it's when their name is Obama that Lahren sings a different tune. In fact, she was furious students treated Melania Trump the way she has treated Michelle Obama, for years. The difference: the students had every right to boo the First lady, given her support of her husband's policies and platform – including his birtherism.

Here's Lahren earlier this year calling now-former First Lady Michelle Obama "incredibly tasteless."

Last year Lahren actually told Michelle Obama to “sit down.”

The former First Lady, urging Democrats to vote in the 2018 elections, told them that thanks to their efforts, Brack Obama was elected president. She added that voting is not something you can do just once - it has to be every time.

Lahren was furious, because Obama called her husband a "great president."

"Michelle Obama said we 'had' a great president. By what measure?" Lahren tweeted. "Not in economic growth. Not in border enforcement. Not in strength on the world stage. Sit down, Michelle."

Telling a former First lady to "sit down" is incredibly disrespectful.

Here are a few more examples of Lahren attacking Obama: