Trump ally squirms when Al Jazeera host corners him on president's lies about impeachment witnesses
Chris Ruddy appears on Al Jazeera (Screen cap).

Chris Ruddy, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, squirmed uncomfortably recently when Al Jazeera's Mehdi Hassan confronted him with President Donald Trump's multiple lies about witnesses at impeachment hearings.

Hassan started off his interview by asking Ruddy if he had any evidence to back up the president's claims that the administration officials testifying against him are "Never Trumpers," including ambassador Bill Taylor and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

"I do not know what the president knows about those individuals," Ruddy replied. "But what I know and what I've read about them are, they are exemplary public officials who have dedicated their life to the service of America."

Hassan, however, pressed Ruddy to confront the mendacity of the president's attacks on these witnesses.

"So Chris, we agree: You have no evidence, I have no evidence, nobody has any evidence," he said. "When you make a claim against someone without any evidence, that's called a falsehood! Trump falsely accused them of being 'Never Trumpers' without any evidence."

"You got to ask the president these questions, because I don't know what he knows and why he's making the allegation," Ruddy replied.

Watch the video below.