Trump busted for 'ludicrous' lie to UK family whose son was killed by American official's wife
President Donald Trump/Fox News screen shot

President Donald Trump last week told his political ally Nigel Farage that unnamed lawyers were to blame for an aborted meeting between the wife of an American diplomat and the family of a British teenager whom she killed while driving on the wrong side of the road.

However, a spokesman for the family now tells CNN's Daniel Dale that Trump's attempt to blame lawyers to the failed meeting attempt is nothing more than a "lie."

Last month, Trump drew headlines when he invited the family of the late British teen Harry Dunn to meet with Anne Sacoolas, the wife of an American official who fatally struck the 19-year-old's motorcycle this past August. The Dunn family spokesman now tells Dale that they backed out of the meeting on their own and that no lawyers were involved in that decision

"Dunn spokesman Seiger says a White House aide called him and asked the family to come meet with a 'senior government official' who turned out to be Trump," Dale reports. "On the train from NY, Seiger says, they talked about how maybe Sacoolas would be there, but thought the idea was 'ludicrous.' Seiger described Trump's attempt to broker a meeting as an ambush -- Trump surprised them by telling them that Sacoolas was in the next room. Seiger said he looked at Dunn's parents, "who were terrified," and told Trump no, this wasn't the time or place for a meeting."

Read Dale's whole tweet storm below.