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Trump suffers ‘Impostor Syndrome’ on a level ‘previously unknown to man’: Art of the Deal co-author



An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” “Art of the Deal” co-author Tony Schwartz broke down President Donald Trump’s mental state — and suggested that the president has a subconscious, pathological fear of being exposed as a fraud.

“Knowing the president as you do, how do you think he is going to handle next couple of days of this public testimony?” asked Cooper. “He obviously watches a lot of this. They often claim he’s too busy to watch it, but he clearly does.”


“Well, I think that he is in two places right now,” said Schwartz. “I’m sorry to say this, because one of them seems fine. Which, for — to me, which is I suspect, he is in — his nervous system is in a very high state of activation, and God save you to be around him right now. Because this is the ultimate humiliation, to have his election called into question.”

“It is the thing he’s been — which motivated the whole Russia — the refusal to believe that Russia was involved or refusal to acknowledge it, fear of his election being not legitimate,” said Cooper.

“Yeah. I mean, he has Impostor Syndrome at a level probably previously unknown to man. He doesn’t even know he has it,” said Schwartz. “But what it shows up as is rage and attacking and all of the ways in which he tries to prop himself up. But I think the other piece, so he’s going to be feeling that worry. But the other thing is there is a sport in this to him. And I get the sense, the eerie sense, there is a part, when he’s not in the rage, that enjoys it, because he actually believes right now, like every other time in his Teflon Trump life, he’s going to get away with it. And he may well.”

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Trump’s threats to reject peaceful transition have made America look ‘ridiculous the world over’: historian



On CNN Saturday, historian Douglas Brinkley warned that President Donald Trump's repeated threats to reject a peaceful transition of power are a national humiliation for America on the world stage.

"I want to point out something that you told The New York Times on the president's election doubts," said anchor Christi Paul. "Your quote is, 'This may be the most damaging thing he's ever done to American democracy.' How so?"

"Because our great export in the United States is our free and fair elections," said Brinkley. "So we tell the rest of the world how to hold them and now here we are in 2020, mayhem about to happen, president of the United States talking about fraudulent ballots, rigged election, I may not leave even if I lose. It makes us look ridiculous the world over. We've lost our franchise on free and fair elections. You almost feel like we need a group of nations to monitor our own election, instead of the other way around."

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WATCH: Trump supporter short circuits after CNN proves that he got fooled by a doctored Biden video



A supporter of President Donald Trump on Friday found himself befuddled after a CNN reporter proved to him that he had been fooled by a doctored video of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

During an interview with CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, the Trump supporter claimed that he'd seen a video of Biden falling asleep in the middle of a television news interview.

However, as O'Sullivan showed him, that video had been completely doctored by splicing footage of Biden at a time when he happened to have his eyes closed into a local TV news interview of another guest who had fallen asleep on the set.

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2020 Election

WATCH: Trump’s chief of staff starts shouting when grilled about president’s refusal to accept election results



On Thursday, CNN's Wolf Blitzer pressed White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about President Donald Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power after the election, and became visibly agitated and raised his voice under questioning.

"He said he's not sure the election could be honest here in the United States," said Blitzer. "Is he saying if he wins, he'll accept the results, if he loses, he won't commit to a peaceful transition?"

"I haven't heard him say that," said Meadows. "I can tell you what I have heard him say, Wolf, is really overwhelming concern about mail-in ballots ... we're seeing some activist judges across the country interpret the law that really is not on the books. They're actually making the law. I think that's what most of this is about, making sure that as long as it's free and fair. If it's free and fair, we'll accept the will of the American people. We believe that will be the re-election of Donald Trump."

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