Trump 'terminated' two newspapers from the White House out of spite -- but he still reads them every day
Donald Trump appears at briefing for Hurricane Dorian (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump banned the New York Times and Washington Post from the government, but according to an Axios report, he actually still reads them.

In a Fox News interview two weeks ago, Trump announced he would "probably terminate" the papers from the White House. While some feared he would ban the reporters from the building, what Trump actually did was terminate the subscriptions to the paper. Both news sites, however, offer free digital memberships to anyone with an email address ending in .gov, .edu, or .mil.

Trump is reportedly taking advantage of the digital version of the papers he claims to hate and swears he wants nothing to do with.

"Sources familiar with the president's iPhone told Axios that the president maintains a digital portal to the two newspapers he recently banished from the West Wing," Axios reported.

Trump has ranted about the unfriendly coverage for refusing to publish stories using his talking points instead of factual information.

The president's own tweets outed him last week; however, as he attacked The Post for their coverage of him, he swore he wasn't reading.