Trump won't let the GOP admit he did anything wrong -- and that's why they're screwed: CNN's Borger
CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger/CNN screen shot

President Donald Trump has maintained he did nothing wrong when he pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden during his infamous July 25th phone call.

However, damning testimony keeps undercutting the president's defenses, as now European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland has admitted under oath that that he explicitly told Ukraine that its military aid would not be released unless it agreed to launch investigations that would benefit the president politically.

Despite all this, the president continues to insist that his interactions with Ukraine have been "perfect" -- and CNN's Gloria Borger said on Tuesday that it's creating a real dilemma for Republicans, whose preferred defense for the president is that he acted inappropriately but does not deserve to be removed from office.

"So you have Republicans who are looking for a way to defend the president, and the president saying, 'You can't use that defense, because I don't agree with it,'" she explained. "'Defend me on what was said in that phone call, where I asked about Joe Biden.' And there are lots of Republicans who are not willing to do that."

Watch the video below.