Trump's 'best economy ever boast' gets obliterated by Financial Times columnist
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

President Donald Trump regularly boasts that the United States is experiencing the "best economy ever" -- but a new opinion poll conducted by the Financial Times shows that most voters clearly don't feel that way.

Even though the United States has a low unemployment rate and a record stock market, the poll shows most Americans don't feel they're getting ahead thanks to sluggish wage growth.

"Persistently slow wage growth appeared to be a main driver of discontent, with 36 percent of those who said they were worse off blaming their income levels," the Financial Times reports. "Another 19 per cent pointed to personal or family debts as the reason they felt worse off."

Writing on Twitter, Financial Times columnist Edward Luce argues that this poll should end Trump's claims that he's created the greatest economy in American history.

"Two thirds of Americans say they're worse off or the same as when Trump took office," he writes. "In reality, it's greatest ever for asset owners... Everyone else is just surviving."

Read more about the poll at this link.