Trumpettes book Roseanne Barr for Super Bowl gala at Mar-a-Lago: ‘She is the magic right now’
Roseanne Barr (Shutterstock).

Controversial comedian Roseanne Barr will be holding an event honoring Donald Trump after her racist attack on a former Barack Obama aide resulted in the cancellation of her television show and effective banishment from Hollywood.

"Controversial comedienne Roseanne Barr will be the honored guest at the next Trumpettes gala, The Palm Beach Post has learned exclusively. Trumpettes USA Inc.’s third annual gala, will be held at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on Feb. 1, the evening before the Super Bowl. The choice date — a Saturday evening at the height of the season on a weekend the president is almost certain to be in Palm Beach — reflects the status of the gala as a hot ticket," the newspaper reported.

Trumpettes founder Toni Holt Kramer praised Barr for participating.

"Roseanne is is a really loyal Trump supporter," Holt Kramer said. "If there was ever anybody who really put their mouth on the line and said how much she loves the president, she is one of them."

"I said there’s only one person I want. I only want Roseanne because she is the magic right now,” she added.

The Trumpettes founder did not seem concerned about Barr's racism at an event for a president who has been repeatedly criticized for his racist policies and statements.

“I know Roseanne, and if I know somebody who is not racist, it’s certainly Roseanne,” Holt Kramer said.