WATCH: Chris Wallace slaps down Fox host for repeating GOP talking point on Ukraine

As the House Intelligence Committee's first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry was gearing up to begin on Capitol Hill this Wednesday, Fox News' Bill Hemmer turned to fellow anchor Chris Wallace and asked him to comment on the poster boards displayed by Republicans throughout the room, designed to undermine House Democrats' case against President Trump.

According to Wallace, one of the "biggest challenges" for Democrats is to counter the GOP's narrative that says they're seeking to "overthrow" Trump rather than seek the truth in a bipartisan way.

"One of the most powerful things [Ambassador William B. Taylor] is going to talk about, at least he did in his closed-door hearing, has nothing to do with President Trump or the machinations here in Washington," Wallace said. "He talked about one point -- remember he is the acting ambassador in Ukraine -- he talked about at one point standing on a hill looking across a bridge at Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine and bemoaning the fact that with the holdup of this military aid, as he put it, more Ukrainians are going to die."

"One of the arguments they're going to make is Ukraine is the front line in the encroachment by the Russians," Wallace continued. "And when the President decided to pull this military aid, he weakened Ukraine and its ability to lead that fight and stand off against the Russians."

Hemmer then mentioned the GOP's counter to that narrative, which says that Trump gave the Ukrainians the anti-tank missile system "which is something they wanted for years under the Obama administration but finally [they got] under the Trump administration..."

"Yeah, but there was another $391 million that had been approved by Congress and that the Pentagon had certified and said that Ukraine had done all it needed to in terms of ending corruption in the area," Wallace interjected. "So, this was money that Ukraine needed, very much wanted in its defense."

Watch the exchange below: