Watch: Trump won't rule out shutting down the federal government if Democrats refuse to end impeachment inquiry
Donald Trump and his wife Melania at Central Park's Wollman Rink on April 4, 2011. (AFP)

President Donald Trump, speaking to reporters from the South Lawn of the White House Sunday afternoon, refused to rule out shutting down the Federal government if Democrats don’t end the impeachment inquiry.

The president took time to erroneously frame the impeachment inquiry, falsely claiming it is over just his July 25 phone call during which he attempted to extort the president of Ukraine.

Asked if he would “commit to no government shutdown,” President Trump refused.

“It depends on the negotiation — I wouldn’t commit to anything,” Trump replied, after taking several swipes at Democrats.

Democrats appear to be focusing on abuse of power, corruption, and cover ups as they move ahead with the impeachment inquiry.