'We've already seen the smoking gun': John Dean says GOP is 'denying reality'
Nixon White House counsel John Dean. Image via screengrab.

Math itself is now in question, said former White House counsel John Deal in an interview with CNN. The GOP is so intent on lying for President Donald Trump that Dean explained it reached a level of absurdity.

"Ana, in the current Republican Party, two plus two does not equal four," Dean told CNN host Ana Cabrera. "It doesn't equal anything. I'm not even sure they can do the math anymore. It's pretty striking the way they analyze problems and jump onto conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact. They'll get three plus six equaling (sic) four. To me, it's just denying reality and that's what they choose to do."

He said that is why the GOP is desperately searching for an excuse to take partisan actions and not follow the laws.

"It's a very, very serious offense of what he's done -- is to use his personal office to advantage his election, re-election, using a foreign country," Dean continued. "We've never had a president pull a trick like this. [Former President Richard] Nixon, in his darkest thoughts, I don't think would envision doing this. That's why this is so serious. So, we'll see how this all plays out and I think it will get sharpened up in the coming weeks before we get to the sending Articles of Impeachment to the Senate."

Dean also said that he's not sure the new document dump is a "smoking gun because I think we've already seen the smoking gun in the memoranda of conversation that Trump had with Zelinsky, asking him to do him a favor and clearly mentioning Biden and 2016. That's to me, has always been -- we started with a smoking gun and this is just further corroboration."

Watch the video below: