'A bizarre fiction': Don Jr. and Vanilla Ice deny alleged plan to turn FL trailer park into Trump's presidential library

According to an article for the Palm Beach Post this Friday, real estate broker James Arena, who also is a die-hard Trump supporter, claims that he's in on a deal with Donald Trump Jr. and rapper Vanilla Ice to build President Trump's future presidential library on a trailer park in Palm Beach County. But the President's eldest son and the rapper have no idea what he's talking about.

“Don hasn’t spoken to anyone about building a presidential library and has never even met Vanilla Ice,” a spokesman for Trump Jr. told The Daily Beast.

In a tweet on Saturday, Ice, whose real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, also expressed confusion over the article.

“I don’t know Donald Trump Junior., don’t understand why they said that? but if they want me to build a library In Palm Beach on the ocean, I’m in," he tweeted.

Regarding the supposed plan, Arena claims that “Vanilla Ice ran it by Donald Jr.,” adding that the rapper called him on the phone and said, "Man, I think they’re really into it."

Don Jr's spokesperson added that the claim "was bizarre fiction."