Chris Hayes reveals how to talk about impeachment to a five-year-old — and why it matters
MSNBC “All In” anchor Chris Hayes (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes detailed how to explain impeachment to a five-year-old -- and why that matters -- during "All In" with Chris Hayes before a live studio audience.

"One of the things that really stuck with me while I was listening to the Democrats making the case for impeachment is they kept using this word, they kept using the word 'cheating' to describe what Donald Trump was doing, the president was cheating," Hayes said.

"And it was interesting because just this week actually my 5-year-old son David was asking me and my wife [Cardoza Law Professor] Kate [Shaw] what the whole impeachment thing was about, but my wife Kate boiled it down pretty nicely, she said the president got caught cheating, which is true, he got caught cheating," Hayes noted. "And we're impeaching the president because he's trying to cheat on the next election."

Hayes explained that Trump supporters were fine with the cheating because they only think of certain Americans as being real Americans.

"So if you view it that way, then you can come to see cheating as righteous because the cheating is in furtherance in making sure the right set of Americans keep their hold on power -- and that is when you become a party of cheaters," Hayes concluded.