CNN's Cuomo smacks down GOP congressman for claiming Democrats have no impeachable offense on Trump
Image via CNN.

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) tried to claim that Democrats had no impeachable offenses against Trump — and anchor Chris Cuomo promptly fact-checked him.

"I still ask that question, what was the impeachable offense?" said Mullin. "They started with quid pro quo, moved to bribery and when the articles of impeachment came out, they say it's high crimes and misdemeanors. From day one they have been in search of a crime. They've been trying to explain to the American people why they're impeaching a duly elected president. Underneath the past impeachments it was very clear. Clinton committed perjury. Andrew Johnson, he removed the Secretary of War illegally and Nixon broke into the DNC. Those are impeachable offenses. I ask the question—"

"That's not what impeachment was about, you know," said Cuomo. "And I have to tell you, you weren't there, Markwayne, anybody can tell by looking at the color of your hair, you are not responsible for what the Republicans did during Clinton. But the idea that you start off with an investigation into screwy real estate deals and you wind up with an extramarital affair and that's what you impeach on, can you imagine what would happen if they caught this president—"

"Clinton committed a crime," said Mullin.

"Not all crimes are impeachable and not all impeachable things must be a crime," said Cuomo. "That's what the founders said in the Constitution."

"Yes, but when it says treason, bribery, high crime or misdemeanor, committing perjury is a crime," said Mullin. "President Trump hasn't committed a crime."

"I disagree," said Cuomo. "Let me tell you something. Clinton's in the past. If we wanted to punish that kind of behavior this way, it was a political decision. But your brothers and sisters on that side of the party were arguing very differently back then about what was a crime and what was needed to impeach and what wasn't. Your champions, Lindsey Graham, even Bill Barr, said why are they giving Starr such a hard time for going far afield from where he started? Now they say the opposite."

"I still ask the question, what has the president done that's impeachable?" said Mullin.

"This is what he's done, according to the Democrats and the facts as we understand them," said Cuomo. "He used his power to put his own political advantage first. He said to them, you will not get the congressionally appointed aid, will you not get access to this office like I gave Russia today and I've given them before, even though they interfered in our election."

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