CNN's Toobin rips into Bill Barr's 'out of control' attacks on the FBI: 'Such outrageous behavior'
Jeffrey Toobin -- CNN screengrab

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin blasted Attorney General William Barr for his ongoing attempts to undermine the inspector general report clearing the FBI of Republican conspiracy theories.

"Bill Barr is going to keep investigating the FBI until someone condemns him the way he wants it and the way people on Fox News want it," said Toobin. "This is such outrageous behavior by the attorney general. And he's even dragging down with him John Durham, who had a good reputation as a U.S. Attorney in Connecticut who is doing the next investigation of this, and he comes out of nowhere with an incomplete investigation and disparages Horowitz's report yesterday."

"It is unprecedented," added Toobin. "It is not consistent with the rule of law, and this is indicative of a Justice Department that is really out of control."

Watch below: