'Come on, Barry': GOP counsel whines after Dem attorney refuses to hear his excuses on Trump's Ukraine bribery
Barry Berke and Stephen Castor appear at impeachment hearing (CNN/screen grab)

Opposing counsel for Democrats and Republicans faced off at a House impeachment hearing on Monday.

Republican counsel Stephen Castor, who appeared as a witness, complained that he was not being asked enough questions by Democratic counsel Barry Berke.

During questioning of a Democratic counsel, Berke noted that President Donald Trump was more concerned about personal gain than corruption in telephone calls with Ukraine's president.

"May I add something there?" Castor asked.

"No, you can't," Berke replied.

"Are you not going to let him answer?" one Republican member cried out.

"No!" Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said as he repeatedly brought down the gavel.

"The time is the questioner's and he can ask questions to whoever he wants," Nadler proclaimed.

"And Mr. Castor, you'll be able to answer questions asked by minority counsel," Berke added.

"Come on, Barry," Castor whined. "In fairness here, President Trump talks about very bad people."

At that point, Castor conceded the floor to Berke, who was allowed to finish his questioning of the Democratic witness.

Watch the video below from CNN.