Democrats 'are being more republican than Republicans' in Judiciary Committee memo: Post columnist
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

A Washington Post editorial is singing the praises of the Judiciary Committee's memo about the impeachment charges President Donald Trump is facing. The memo, titled “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment” details the fundamental principles of the Constitution the founders outlined to guarantee the country wouldn't fall at the hands of corruption.

"The memo is remarkably originalist. Regardless of what happens with the impeachment, we are getting a much-needed civics lesson," The Post explained.

"It returns to questions at the roots of our democracy, of any democracy," the piece continued. "Why is the corrupt exercise of power bad for society? Why are there three distinct aspects of power — legislative, executive and judicial — and why is it best to keep them both separated and intermingled? Why does the health of a constitutional democracy depend on civic virtues like the faithful execution of the laws? What was the original purpose of impeachment?"

The ultimate argument detailed in the memo explains that corruption from any leader ultimately endangers liberty. The Constitution outlines the separation of powers and explains that it was designed to prevent corruption with checks and balances. Finally, "the structure can work only when combined with civic virtues like honesty and unswerving preference for the public good over private good," The Post described.

"In this memo, the Democrats are being more republican than the Republicans, despite their history of objecting to originalism and of shying away from concepts like civic virtue or, in education, character education. Think of how we all were asked to put questions of character aside during the Clinton impeachment," the piece argued.

It isn't exactly a difficult case and the Republicans' inability to defend the president during the hearings and opting to attack the witnesses and Democrats only adds to the indictment.

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You can read the Judiciary Committee memo below: