Estranged Republican horrified her former party thinks Trump is better than Lincoln
Donald Trump compares himself to Lincoln while speaking in Billings, Montana/Screenshot

Estranged former Republican Ashley Pratte found herself aghast by a recent poll showing a majority of GOP voters now rate President Donald Trump more favorably than Abraham Lincoln.

Writing for NBC News, Pratte argued that Lincoln, widely considered by historians to be one of America's greatest presidents, was the polar opposite of Trump.

"Trump’s years in office have been full of nepotism, scandal, profiting from his position as president and now he is about to become the third-ever president to be impeached," she argued. "So how can those same Republicans now honestly believe that Trump has, in any way, been a good president, let alone one of the best?"

Pratte then went on to demonstrate how Trump has committed many of the sins that Republicans assured voters that Hillary Clinton would commit if she had won the presidency in 2016.

"Just imagine if Chelsea Clinton was named to a high-profile position in her mother's administration with access to classified information; conservatives would surely put up a fight," she wrote. "But between Ivanka Trump sitting in for her father at a G-20 summit and her husband, Jared Kushner, leading trade and foreign policy talks... there has been nothing but crickets from Republicans."

Additionally, argued Pratte, it's impossible to conclude that Trump isn't using the presidency to personally enrich himself.

"Take, for example, Mike Pence traveling on official business to Ireland and staying at a distant Trump property after it was suggested by the president himself," she wrote. "While the vice president eventually paid for his family's stay personally, the expense for the security detail was footed with taxpayer dollars — and all that money went into Trump's pockets."

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