Ex-GOP lawmaker drops the mic on Lindsey Graham: 'A political opportunist who will flop with the winds'
Sen. Lindsey Graham (Fox News)

Former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) told Vox.com's Sean Illing this week that he hasn't seen that much change between the Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that we saw before President Donald Trump's election and the Lindsey Graham we see today.

Over the course of a lengthy interview, Illing asked Jolly how anyone could compare the statements that Graham made about Trump in 2016 with the fierce defenses he's recently been making of the president and not conclude that the South Carolina senator is a blatant fraud.

Jolly, however, countered by arguing that the behavior we're seeing from Graham is genuinely who he is -- that is, a genuine opportunist.

"I think the Lindsey Graham we’re seeing today is the real Lindsey Graham," he said. "This is a political opportunist who will flop with the winds and do whatever it takes to serve his own self-interest. That’s who he is."

Jolly argued that Graham was at least honest about his reasons for flip-flopping on Trump.

"He said, 'This guy [Trump] beat me. He won. The voters chose him and my job is to reflect the will of the people, so therefore I’m going to protect this president and do everything I can in his defense,'" Jolly explained.