Georgia mayor being recalled for racism resigns from office: report
Hoschton Mayor Theresa Kenerly (screengrab)

Hoschton Mayor Theresa Kenerly resigned in a special city council meeting held on Saturday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Saturday.

"The resignation came just days after Councilman Jim Cleveland resigned saying he‘d rather leave office on his own terms than face voters in a recall election next month," the newspaper reported. "Both resignations follow an AJC investigation launched seven months ago into claims that an African American candidate for city administrator was sidetracked by Mayor Theresa Kenerly because of his race."

"Both long-serving officials had weathered calls for their resignation and a bipartisan campaign that would have put the question before voters in a recall vote next month," the newspaper reported. "Members of both the Jackson County Republican and Democratic parties called for both officials to leave office."

"In November, voters elected [Adam] Ledbetter and Shantwon Astin to seats on the City Council, forcing out another of Kenerly’s allies at City Hall. Ledbetter, who is white, and Astin, who is black, campaigned together on restoring the reputation of the city," the newspaper noted.