Internet laughs out loud after Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham says ‘let’s be honest’
White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on CNN. (Screenshot)

The credibility gap that has plagued official spokespeople for Donald Trump resulted in hilarious responses after she began her latest defense of the president with, "Let's be honest."

It started when Washington Post reporter David Nakamura noted an unfortunate young man who was stuck sitting next to Trump as the commander-in-chief issued a lie-filled rant about the "overthrow of government" in America.

Grisham, who has yet to deliver a daily White House press briefing, attempted to blame the press for Trump's rant.

Grisham was brutally mocked for making such a statement with her credibility issues.

Former Bill Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart blasted Grisham in a reply.

"Let's be a little more honest. Most Presidents don't talk about attempts to overthrow the government and denounce his own FBI in front of anyone," Lockhart noted. "No excuse for your guy. Sorry that young man had to hear it."

Here's some more of what people were saying: