'It does look shady': Fox News panel admits Pelosi has 'every right' to withhold impeachment articles
Katie Pavlich and Capri Cafaro appear on Fox News (screen grab)

A panel of Fox News host agreed on Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has "every right" to withhold President Donald Trump's articles of impeachment from the Senate.

"Right now, Speaker Pelosi is holding on to them because she thinks holding on to them and not giving them to the Senate is going to give some leverage," Capri Cafaro, a left-leaning guest, explained. "No different than any legislative process from where you have to send that message from one chamber to the other."

"Yes, she does have every right," host Julie Bandaras agreed, "to hold on to those impeachment articles until she gets more investigation. But the bottom line is she was supposed to pick two managers to basically take this to the Senate in order to present this as prosecutors for the Senate trial."

Bandaras argued that Americans "do have impeachment fatigue and now the new year is going to come around and this still isn't over."

"It does look shady to me," Fox News reporter Carly Shimpkins weighed in. "Even if she has the right to."

"She can hold on to them," contributor Katie Pavlich opined. "But she does not have the right or even the power to tell the Senate what to do once they received them."

"The White House declined to be engaged in the House Judiciary Committee," Cafaro pointed out.

"That's an issue of separation of powers," Pavlich shot back. "The executive branch has the ability to say no and if you want to fight it out, go through the court system."

"They may have the right," Cafaro said of the administration. "That also looks shady. The American people see that as, 'If you have nothing to hide, why invoke executive privilege? Just let everyone talk.'"

Watch the video below from Fox News.