Ivanka revelations about Christopher Steele don't matter to Trump because it doesn't fit his lie: FBI lawyer Jim Baker
Senior adviser to the president Ivanka Trump. (World Bank Photo Collection)

In an interview with CNN Monday, former FBI general counsel Jim Baker said that it doesn't fit in President Donald Trump's narrative that Ivanka knew and met with Christopher Steele at Trump Tower years ago, so he simply ignored it.

It was revealed Monday that Steele was favorably disposed to Trump and his family due to his relationship with Ivanka. But the facts didn't follow the story that Trump had crafted to attack the notorious dossier. The FBI's inspector general report found that Steele was not biased against Trump when he began working on an opposition research document based on his contacts in Russia, where he served as MI6’s top intelligence officer.

Cuomo mocked the president's long-held allegations that Steele was out to get him for political reasons, when the truth was that Trump's daughter was friends with Steele. Republicans had previously alleged that the Steele dossier was an example of Democrats colluding with Russians to win the 2016 election.

"All you can say is now Christopher Steele has to be added to the long list of people who have been unfairly attacked and vilified by the president as being supposed political enemies," said former acting-FBI director Andrew McCabe. "The simple fact is he has had a long -- I read in one piece of reporting seven-year relationship, friendly relationship with Ivanka Trump. That is not the stuff that leads to someone out there plotting to overthrow the president or to try to drum up that information for that purpose."

Cuomo agreed, wondering how throughout all of the speeches and attacks Trump has made that Ivanka never brought it up and defended Steele based on her relationship.

"The facts that do not fit the narrative are discarded and ignored," said Baker. "That's what we've been dealing with for several years. The president has a narrative and facts that don't fit his narrative he's discarded. That's his reaction to the IG report, he's making statements about how there was this attempted overthrow of the government, and there wasn't. There are no facts to support that. Yet, he keeps repeating it. With Ivanka's supposed relationship with Christopher Steele, it does not fit the narrative so it was not brought forward."

Cuomo summed it all up by saying that the "bogus" claims were just another example of the "ugly politics" on full display from this White House.

"We've had two years, okay, of our president and his defenders saying, 'It was all bogus, this Russia investigation. The way it was done -- it was dirty, it was political bias,'" recalled Cuomo. "The only ugly politics being played are by him and arguably his attorney general."

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