Jewish groups slam Fox News for inviting back pro-Trump lawyers after anti-Semitic remarks

Less than a month after inviting backlash from Jewish groups for voicing antisemitic tropes during an interview on Fox Business, conservative lawyers and Trump loyalists Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing are back on Fox's airwaves as of this Monday night.

In a series of statements released this Tuesday, the Anti-Defamation League and J Street called diGenova’s return “disturbing," adding that his appearance shows a "lack of remorse" on the network's part for inviting him back on, The Daily Beast reports.

“We have repeatedly called on Fox News to no longer book Joe diGenova, and others who traffic in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” ADL spokesperson Jake Hyman told The Daily Beast. “In return, we have been greeted by silence from Fox, which is telling. The fact that diGenova returned to the airwaves last night is even more telling, and quite frankly, disturbing.”

Also speaking to the Beast was a spokesperson for the liberal Jewish group J Street, who said that it's clear "Fox News feels no remorse about continuing to feature white nationalist and anti-Semitic rhetoric on their network, and no real concern about the dangerous consequences of the hateful conspiracy theories that they’re helping to spread."

In November, diGenova pushed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories alleging that Jewish financier George Soros “controls” most of the U.S. State Department.