Mitch McConnell challenged by two former Marines as impeachment puts the unpopular senator in a bind

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be judged by Kentucky voters in 2020 -- and he now officially has two challengers running as Democrats.

"Democratic candidates Amy McGrath and Mike Broihier each said they filed paperwork Friday to run for the seat currently held by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican," the Washington Times reported Saturday.

The candidates, both former Marines, posted photos to social media showing them filing the paperwork to run against McConnell.

McConnell is in a bind on the question of whether or not to hold an impartial impeachment trial for President Donald Trump. McConnell has pledged his loyalty to Trump, but several members of his caucus reportedly have "severe misgivings" about such an approach and national polls show voters want a fair trial with witnesses.

McConnell's poll numbers in Kentucky have cratered since he attached himself to Trump, with a recent poll showing only 37% of voters planning to reelect him.

He has also fought back against his "Moscow Mitch" nickname that trended on Twitter due to the Kentucky senator's votes that aided Russian President Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs.