‘Not sure how they sleep at night’: Outrage erupts as GOP senator blocks Armenian Genocide bill at Trump's behest
US President Donald Trump and Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan are at odds over the fate of an American pastor detained in Turkey (AFP Photo/Tatyana ZENKOVICH)

According to a report from Axios this Thursday, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was directed by the White House to block a resolution formally recognizing Turkey's genocide of the Armenian people. Cramer's move marks the third time the Trump administration has directed a GOP senator to block the resolution.

The move was met with widespread condemnation, some of which came from former GOP state Rep. Cole Wist (CO), who accused the White House of attempting to "whitewash history."

"The fact that the Trump White House would go to these extreme lengths to prop up a brutal dictator and whitewash history is an outrageous moral failure," Wist tweeted. "I am not sure how this bunch sleeps at night. What an embarrassing episode for America."

Others on Twitter expressed similar sentiments:

According to CNN's Haley Byrd, Cramer said that he "doesn’t plan to object [to the proposal] again and predicts it will pass."

“I don't know that it can be an objected to much longer,” the North Dakota Republican reportedly said.