NRA supporter Donald Trump offers ‘thoughts and prayers’ for victims of Jersey City shooting
White House photo of President Donald Trump at the National Day of Prayer. (Tia DuFour)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday offered his "thoughts and prayers" for the victims of the shooting in Jersy City, New Jersey.

"At least six people, including at least one police officer, were killed in Jersey City, N.J., on Tuesday after two people opened fire around a convenience store, officials said, touching off a firefight involving dozens of law enforcement officers that made the residential area take on the feel of a war zone," The New York Times reports.

"Just received a briefing on the horrific shootout that took place in Jersey City, NJ," Trump tweeted.

"Our thoughts & prayers are w/ the victims & their families during this very difficult & tragic time. We will continue to monitor the situation as we assist local & state officials on the ground," he continued.

Trump, who received tens of millions in support from the National Rifle Association during his 2016 campaign, has ignored calls for strengthening gun safety laws.