'Pirate' Trump PACs have ripped off the president's supporters to the tune of $46 million: report

While the effort to get President Trump reelected is widespread, some pro-Trump PACs that are unaffiliated with Trump's campaign are targeting grass roots donors and "reportedly spending little money to help Trump's re-election." POLITICO reports.

The groups have raised a combined $46 million through various means, including selling Trump merchandise. But the Trump campaign wants the activity to stop, since it ends up competing with the "pirate" groups for cash.

"It's taking advantage of people who want to give [money], and a vast majority of this money doesn't go to the campaigns," said GOP operative Matt Gorman. "It doesn't go to the cause."

In a statement, the Trump campaign slammed any group that "deceptively uses the president's name, likeness, trademarks, or branding and confuses voters" and encouraged authorities to investigate "all alleged scams for potential illegal activities."