Psychiatrist says Trump’s anti-impeachment letter vindicates his warnings about president’s disturbed mental state

Reacting to an eyebrow-raising letter from President Trump to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a psychiatrist took to Twitter to point out that it's just another example of what he and his fellow mental health experts have been warning about for years: Trump is unstable.

Responding to a tweet from CNN's Asha Rangappa who said that Trump's erratic letter confirmed her previous warning that he wouldn't be able to handle the impeachment process, Dr. David Reiss pointed that he has been issuing similar warnings throughout the years.

"It's not like some of us mental health professionals haven't been warning about this for well over two years," he tweeted while a sharing a link to a 2017 article that highlighted opinions on Trump from mental health experts.

In a subsequent tweet, Reiss wrote that Trump's letter could be interpreted in a few different ways, but the one thing for sure is it exemplifies reckless behavior.

"How should Trump's letter be viewed?" Reiss wrote. "As a toddler crying out to an absent mommy. There's no thought behind it. There's no strategy. There's no consideration of consequences. He feels he is being treated unfairly and mommy should protect him from the bad people."

In the letter, Trump characterizes Pelosi's actions as the result of a personal agenda.

"You are offending Americans of faith by continually saying 'I pray for the President,' when you know this statement is not true, unless it is meant in a negative sense," Trump wrote. "It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I!"