Rachel Maddow wonders if Putin told Trump Seoul was nowhere near North Korea to mess with him
The host of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC (screengrab)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was flabbergasted by the recent revelation that Trump thought he could displace an entire South Korean city so that the 2,000 year-old capital would be safer. To make matters worse, President Donald Trump asked Russian President Vladimir Putin what he wanted the U.S. leader to do with North Korea.

The host compared the move to what it would be like to move the entirety of New York City, which has a smaller population than Seoul.

"Imagine how it would go. Just like call Connecticut," Maddow said as her MSNBC crew was heard laughing hysterically. "We're sorry, but we're scootching New York City, we have to scootch it like a few miles, so we're going to bring over the Empire State Building first. Do you have a spot for the Empire State Building? And after that, we're going to bring the avenues maybe one at a time. Do you want Park Avenue first or Fifth Avenue because we're moving the city we're bringing the first million people, and after that, the next million people. We'll phase them in."

It also appears the president of the United States was taking his orders from Russia again. Maddow cited a Washington Post report earlier this year that Trump sought direction from Putin on the dictator he once called "little rocket man."

"North Korea, of course, has a border with Russia," Maddow reminded the audience. "Russia has helped North Korea evade sanctions that we put on North Korea. They have tried to shore up the North Korean dictatorship. Why would an American president ask Vladimir Putin for direction in terms of how Putin wants to start treating North Korea? But the record of that call is reportedly one of the Trump presidential call records that have been taken out of circulation effectively inside the White House."

Maddow wondered what other calls the White House is hiding from the American people and what other absurd things Trump might have said to foreign leaders. As reported, when Trump found out how close Seoul was to North Korea, Trump sought to move it, but the passionate demand was short-lived. Maddow wondered if it was Putin that told Trump Seoul wasn't actually that close or if Putin was able to convince Trump to calm down.

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