Republican Doug Collins demands Democrats be charged with obstruction of Congress in unhinged rant
Doug Collins (CNN/screen grab)

On Wednesday, ranking House Judiciary Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) shouted down the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump in a bizarre rant that ended with him calling for House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) to be charged with obstruction of Congress.

"This is the articles that we wrote after all of these hearings and all these grand pronouncements and grounds in plain sight, we get abuse of power with no real dates on this is the abuse? Just generic, vague statements?" said Collins. "You know why I believe that is? Because the Democrats can't come up with the argument for it. They don't know who knew it and when they knew it. We'll give you abuse of power and pick something you don't like about the president, and there is the abuse of power, and this is about expediency as much as anything else, and that should never be in articles of impeachment and anybody who does that is treading on very thin ice."

"And then obstruction of Congress," he continued. "The only obstruction we've seen here is obstruction of Chairman Schiff of this investigation. He did not turn over the documents as he was supposed to. We get those last Saturday in a massive document after we already had a hearing and after we were getting ready for another hearing in which we were supposed to lay out the report and tonight — tonight he sends a letter of classified information that has been classified over to us tonight."

"Don't think for a second, American public, that this majority wants you to find the truth," raged Collins. "The obstruction has only occurred from Adam Schiff and the majority, keeping people from actually trying to find the truth. That's the only obstruction here, and why don't we have that as an obstruction charge, but it would be against Adam Schiff in the majority, not the president? Two articles like that, abuse of power and obstruction of congress in 70-something days? The only abuse of power here is the majority racing the fastest they ever have and the clock and the calendar determining what impeachment looks like."

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