Republican Doug Collins furiously compares Democrats to ‘petulant children’ waiting up for Santa Claus
Rep. Doug Collins

At Thursday's impeachment markup in the House Judiciary Committee, ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA) began shouting in anger, and compared Democrats to 'petulant children' waiting up for Santa Claus.

"It is amazing to listen to my colleagues talk about how we do proper process and subpoenas," said Collins. "Let me take you through a wonderland trip, this year we issued more subpoenas and did more things amazingly outrageous than I could ever imagine. In fact, we learned some stuff this year. No offense to my chairman, he's doing as best he can to satisfy the many demands and go over to get impeachment over, but we learned this year subpoenas were — they just helped you look better in court. We learned subpoenas are a conversation starter. I'm not sure what that is about. I know in court they're not a conversation starter, they're compelling information. They're actually wanting us to move forward."

"When you really look at this and start talking about how Democrats have been denied process and denied this, it's interesting to me, 70 something days," continued Collins. "The other day the gentlelady from California tried to make a comparison, it was not as fast as the Ken Starr investigation, but that was after almost three and a half years of investigation. In this one, we had since September until now. The majority, frankly, are acting like petulant children not getting their way because Santa Claus hasn't come yet. Believe me, they're getting ready to vote for their Christmas present. I think the American people, next November, will remember this Christmas present."

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