Rick Wilson: Democrats are biting Trump's 'bait' by giving him a big trade win during impeachment
GOP strategist Rick Wilson on MSNBC (screengrab)

Conservative strategist Rick Wilson on Tuesday hammered House Democrats for giving President Donald Trump a major bipartisan win on trade at the same time that they are releasing articles of impeachment against him.

Writing in the Daily Beast, Wilson nukes Democrats for trying to show how reasonable and bipartisan they can be at a time when Trump is running roughshod over the Constitution.

"Sadly, there's nothing more predictable and pathetic than Washington Democrats biting the bipartisan rube bait," he writes. "They still believe we live in a world where bipartisan comity sells."

Wilson said that Democrats need to make the 2020 election about Trump and his flagrant misconduct as president -- and that giving him bipartisan wins will only signal to American voters that he hasn't done anything fundamentally wrong.

"Democrats need their base voters fired up and turned out," he writes. "They need to harness and channel the energy that motivates their most passionate voters to knock on doors, make calls, and show up at the polls in record numbers in 2020. That energy is the natural reaction to Donald Trump’s corruption, criminality, and evil. Why squander and dilute it?"

Wilson goes on to call out Democratic consultants who have been giving the party terrible advice about bipartisan hand-holding with a president loathed by their own voters.

"What flavor of dumbfuckery inside the Democratic consultant class thinks playing happy families and singing Kumbaya with a President who lacks every moral and political scruple works to motivate their base?" he writes.

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