Seth Meyers flattens Trump's latest impeachment defense tactic -- 'slurring like a lunatic' during rallies
NBC host Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

Late-night comedian Seth Meyers observed that most people who were inches from being fired from their job would try and prove that they should remain. President Donald Trump, however, has taken a different path, "slurring like a lunatic while throwing in some of his trademark sexism."

Meyers played a clip of Trump's rally where he went after everything from admitting he demanded the Ukraine president say what he asked and an allegation that there'd be windmills all over the country under Hillary Clinton. Trump previously alleged that wind energy is dangerous because the windmills cause ear cancer. After an attack on Beto O'Rourke, Trump turned to Elizabeth Warren, who he said, "opened her fresh mouth."

"She opened her fresh mouth? You sound like the headmaster of a private school called St. Misogynist's Academy," said Meyers. "Elizabeth Warren actually has plans for things people care about like corruption, equality, and climate change. Your energy plan is 'Windmills sound like wahhh, wahhhh.'"

He explained that Trump is about to become the third president in history to be impeached, whether he likes it or not; it will remain a stain on his presidency and his legacy forever.

"They're going to have to put an asterisk next to Trump's name on his building with a footnote below it saying 'impeached,'" Meyers joked.

During his Hershey, Pennsylvania speech Tuesday, Trump even mocked Democrats for only charging him with two articles of impeachment, instead of bringing up all of his previous obstructions of justice under the Russia scandal.

Trump then tried to brand the impeachment as "impeachment light," where it's somehow less severe than any other impeachments.

"You're either impeached, or you're not," Meyers told Trump. "There's no light version. Trump's like a drunk guy at a bar on his sixth beer saying, 'It's Impeachment Light beer! Now give me my keys!"

Watch Meyers hilarious take below: