Sorry Mr. President — it’s the GOP that refuses to do anything
Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapping at President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump has tried to go after Democrats saying that they can't get any work done because they're hamstrung by impeachment. The facts, however, are an embarrassment for the Republican Party and the U.S. Senate.

Democrats have accused Republicans in the past of being unable to get any work done. In 2014, Democrats blasted the "do-nothing Congress," only to have the House graduate to the "do little Congress" in 2016. Understandably, Democrats have worked diligently to ensure legislation is passed, even if the Senate has no intention of allowing it come up for a Senate vote.

In less than a month, in Nov. 2019, the House passed a slate of 400 bills, not including resolutions.

Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) explained in an editorial in the Tampa Bay Times that 275 of those bills were bipartisan pieces of legislation that are still waiting in the Senate.

"One of our first acts in 2019 was legislation strengthening gun background checks to help keep guns out of the hands of people who by law shouldn’t have them," he wrote Monday. "We raised the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, giving 33 million Americans a raise. We passed legislation to protect Dreamers, young people brought to the U.S. by their parents as kids, who only know America as home. We expanded benefits for Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange. We protected the LGBTQ community from discrimination. We restored the Voting Rights Act to protect people’s right to the ballot box. On the international front, we recognized the Armenian genocide for what it was. We strengthened Russian sanctions and called China out for its crushing crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and the imprisonment of over one million Chinese ethnic Uighurs."

In a release from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, recalled all of the key pieces of legislation that have been collecting dust on McConnell's desk.

  • H.R. 1 – For The People Act – Sent to the Senate 239 days ago
  • H.R. 8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act – Sent to the Senate 248 days ago,
  • H.R. 7 – Paycheck Fairness Act – Sent to the Senate 220 days ago.
  • H.R. 1585 – VAWA Reauthorization Act – Sent to the Senate 212 days ago.
  • H.R. 9 – Climate Action Now Act – Sent to the Senate 184 days ago.
  • H.R. 5 – Equality Act – Sent to the Senate 169 days ago.
  • H.R. 6 – Dream and Promise Act – Sent to the Senate 151 days ago.
  • H.R. 582 – Raise the Wage Act – Sent to the Senate 107 days ago.

As with many of Trump's attacks, it's his side that is actually responsible for the accusations. It isn't a good look for the slate of Republican Senators fighting for their political lives in 2020.

“I’m very eager to turn from nominations to legislation,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) told The New York Times. “There are important issues that are pending, and I think we could produce some terrific bills that would be signed into law.”

McConnell essentially handed a justification to their Democratic opponents arguing that the Kentucky Senator won't do the work he was put in office to do.

It could end up being a disaster for Republicans in November.