'The GOP is not healthy -- it's corroding!' Conservative fears Republicans have lost entire generations of voters
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Conservative S.E. Cupp told CNN's Brianna Keilar on Friday that she has become gravely concerned about the Republican Party's future after watching a stream of older white men defending President Donald Trump this week.

During an interview with Keilar, Cupp took House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to task for saying that his party is healthy and bringing in "new blood" to replace the multiple members who have announced their retirements so far this year.

"The GOP is not healthy, it's corroding and aging," she said. "Watching impeachment over the past few weeks and months, you saw a bunch of old white guys, primarily. And that might be working for Trump! He certainly has been trying to reach out to the aggrieved older forgotten man, but once Trump is gone, I'm not sure whom the GOP will appeal to anymore."

Cupp also suggested that the party has so betrayed its past principles in service of the president that it will have no real constituency once he exits the scene.

"I'm not sure who the GOP is or what they stand for anymore," she said. "They'll really have to figure that out, who they want to be after Trump."

Watch the video below.