The Republican Party resorts to suppressing its own voters after being overrun by Trump: former GOP congressman

In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal this Thursday, former GOP congressman and current 2020 challenger to President Trump, Joe Walsh, argued that Republicans are shutting out any competition to Trump on their 2020 primary ballots, ultimately "disenfranchising GOP voters in eight states—so far."

"The Republican Party apparatus has been bound to one man through power plays and intimidation," Walsh writes. "Since Mr. Trump was elected, 40 Republican state party chairmen have turned over. The party’s leadership is unrecognizable from what it was before Mr. Trump."

According to Walsh, the GOP protecting Trump from primary challengers is a reflection of an infamous Trump personality trait -- a complete disregard for anyone who disagrees with him.

"The Republican Party effectively no longer exists," Walsh continues. "It’s been stolen from its longtime supporters, donors, volunteers, voters, members and elected representatives. The Party has been overrun and forced to abandon its principles of limited government, free trade and a strong national defense."

Republican voters no longer have options, except for the whoever the party bosses have chosen, Walsh laments, adding the GOP seemingly doesn't trust its own voters consider a candidate other than Trump.

You can read his full op-ed over at The Wall Street Journal.