Trump angrily kicked Melania's father off his golf course for wearing his favorite red hat: former workers
Donald Trump playing golf, as he has about 30 hours a week during his presidency. (Screenshot)

Two undocumented immigrants who used to work at President Donald Trump's Bedminster golf course say that the president one time angrily ordered his own father-in-law to leave his golf course because he was wearing Trump's favorite red hat.

In interviews with the Washington Post, former Trump housekeepers Sandra Diaz and Victorina Morales say that Viktor Knavs, the father of first lady Melania Trump, one time wore one of Trump's red hats out on the links for a round of golf.

Trump, per the Post's reporting, "blew up" at Knavs and ordered him to leave the golf course and remove the hat -- all while other golfers stood and watched.

"Nobody could wear the red hat but [Trump]," Diaz tells the Post.

“The whole world saw what Trump had done to his father-in-law,” Morales said. “He was very embarrassed.”

In response to the Post's questions about the story, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham sent an angry message attacking both the newspaper and the two former workers.

"The assertions made for this story are not only false, they are a disgusting attempt at invading the privacy of the First Family,” Grisham wrote. “This is not journalism — it is fabricated tabloid trash.”