Trump campaign thinks Ivanka Trump is its secret weapon: report
Ivanka Trump, U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Clifford L. H. Davis

President Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign hopes that senior White House official Ivanka Trump will be a secret weapon.

"President Trump has begun admitting what polls have shown for three years: Many, many people hate him. And he’s okay with that," The Washington Post reported Thursday.

"It is a rare admission from a politician. But it’s key to a campaign strategy built around an awareness that Trump’s favorability — even before he was impeached by the House — is near record lows and that he won’t stop tweeting, offering bombast and insults, saying things that aren’t true, or making polarizing decisions," the newspaper explained.

"The idea is to talk more about his record and less about his personality — while slashing and burning Democratic opponents," The Post reported.

The president's older daughter is key to the plan.

"They said many people don’t want to publicly admit that they back Trump, but they ultimately will. Their targets are primarily suburban women and independents," The Post reported. "The campaign expects to send surrogates who are less bombastic, such as Ivanka Trump, into areas where suburban women might be persuaded to vote for him."