Trump claims ‘Witch Hunt’ is ‘chasing’ people out of Dem party – as GOP exodus from Congress grows
Donald Trump speaks to reporters in London (CNN/screen grab)

President Donald Trump is pointing to the one lone Democrat who has switched to the Republican Party as evidence that the impeachment "Witch Hunt" and Democratic policies are "chasing common sense people out of" the Democratic Party. The President is wrong.

As NCRM has documented repeatedly, there is a GOP mass exodus from Congress. To date in the 116th Congress 28 Republicans have announced they are retiring or have already quit without completing their terms. A 29th is in the wings – another GOP Congressman who just admitted to committing felonies and will be resigning in a matter of days.

By comparison just nine House Democrats have announced their retirement and just one has left without finishing their term.

Trump on Thursday sat down with Democrat Jeff Van Drew, and by the time the New Jersey Congressman left the Oval Office he pledged his "undying devotion" to President Trump and switched to the Republican Party, as he had telegraphed he would earlier in the week.

Trump has now endorsed Van Drew's re-election, which will be an uphill battle.

In his tweet Trump also claims the GOP is "growing":

It's a line Jared Kushner recently used, and does not appear to be supported by evidence: