Trump has no law on his side to block the House from reviewing Mueller's grand jury material: Law professor
US President Donald Trump is technically obese and does little exercise apart from golf, but his doctor says he is in good health (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

On CNN Tuesday, UNC constitutional law professor Michael Gerhardt, one of the expert witnesses who testified before the House Judiciary Committee at the impeachment hearings, said that President Donald Trump's efforts to prevent House Democrats from obtaining information from former special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury proceedings are unlikely to succeed.

"Michael, there is a lot of information we know is out there aside from people who have testified, there's also folks who have spoken to this special counsel, to Robert Mueller's team, and everything they said has not been made public, it's grand jury material," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "You actually talked about this in your opening statement and how it's relevant to impeachment. Do you think the Democrats have a good shot at getting this information?"

"I think they should have a good shot, because there is every reason for them to get this information," said Gerhardt. "There is a federal statute that allows them to get this information, and there is no judicial precedent that goes the other way. Impeachment is one of the most potent weapons that Congress has got. The information that special counsel Mueller developed, I think would be relevant for everybody to see."

"That's the real point," he continued. "All of this evidence should be available ultimately for everyone to see, but there is a serious question that everybody ought to be asking, which is, why won't the people closest to the president testify? Do they know anything that, in fact, would be hurtful to the president? If so, that's going to support the idea that there is a cover-up."

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