Trump is ‘increasingly agitated and aggravated’ as he watches television coverage of impeachment: report
Donald Trump watching Donald Trump/Screenshot of illustration

President Donald Trump is frustrated as the impeachment inquiry dominates media attention.

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was interviewed Wednesday by Wolf Blitzer.

"The president is getting closer and closer to being impeached, we're told he's privately agitated even as he publicly mocks the allegations against him," Blitzer said. "What are you hearing, first of all from the White House?

"One thing we should point out, just in the last hour or so, we heard from President Trump at a Hanukkah celebration at the White House. He has been busy in a social media bunker, posting some 70 tweets and retweets over the last 24 hours, many of those on impeachment," Acosta explained.

"One thing we should note, we are hearing President Trump is growing increasingly agitated and aggravated over the likelihood he will be impeached. A Trump campaign advisor told me earlier today, simply that the coverage on the cable networks and all the networks bugs him," he continued.

"A separate Trump advisor says the president has been preparing for this moment some time, suspecting Democrats, once they take control of the House were bent on impeaching him. This advisor said Trump is somewhat taken aback it is the Ukraine scandal leading to this impeachment of the president," he said.

"And we're also hearing President Trump is irked by the fact he would be joining the list of unenvious presidents impeached," Acosta added.