Trump is on pace to blow past Obama's eight-year golfing tally in just one term
Donald Trump playing golf, as he has about 30 hours a week during his presidency. (Screenshot)

During the 2016 presidential campaign, one of President Donald Trump's top talking points was that then-President Barack Obama played too much golf when he really should have been working.

Robert Maguire, the research director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has found that Trump has now gone golfing 251 times during his first term, which puts him on pace to blow past Obama's eight-year total of golf outings some time next year.

The magazine Golf Digest estimated in 2017 that Obama went golfing on 306 occasions during his eight years in the Oval Office, or roughly 38 rounds of golf per year.

Trump, meanwhile has averaged 83 rounds of golf during his first three years -- and if he keeps up that pace next year, he will have played 334 rounds of golf in his first term, or nearly 30 more rounds than what Obama played during his two terms. Were Trump to win a second term and maintain that pace, he would reach more than 660 rounds of golf.

And this doesn't even get into the multitude of conflicts of interest the president has whenever he uses taxpayer funds for a golf outing.

"Aside from golfing less, Obama also never played at a course he owned or profited from," Maguire observes. "Meanwhile, Trump has played almost exclusively at Trump-brand courses, providing taxpayer-funded promotion to businesses he still profits from."